LE-04|Deloitte Taiwan

08.25 Fri. 15:00 ~ 16:00

Deloitte Startup Service Group is composed of the most professional experts from accounting, taxation, consulting services and other departments. The two-day startup festival will not only provide the most abundant knowledge from the perspectives of "financial consultants" and "taxation services" practical experience sharing but also one-on-one in-depth consultation.

Deloitte Taiwan Pavilion Seminar

  • 8/25(Fri.)Startup Business Plan:
    A high-quality business plan can enable investors to quickly grasp the essence of a startup, streamline the investment evaluation process, and save time and cost. Therefore, this special seminar will guide startup founders on how to set a fair value for their company and create a practical and compelling financial projections and analysis. This will help capture the attention of potential investors.
  • 8/26(Sat.)Guide to Distributing Startup Equity:
    With the rapid growth of performance, startups need more funds to invest in new areas and project development, and the entry of external investors also means that the company's shareholder structure is getting more complicated. Design for equity has always been an important topic for startups. Therefore, this seminar will analyze the company's equity structure to help you understand the rights and obligations of operations, possible tax issues of employee stock ownership, to grasp the core concepts of equity planning quickly.