Health For All; BE With You

From Taiwan to Indo-Pacific: The future of Life Sciences and Health Care

08.26 Sat. 10:30 ~ 12:00

STAGE| Idea Space

Health for all; health for future.

The HealthForAll cross-domain platform press conference, supported by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, gathers both domestic and international medium to large-scale medical device manufacturers, biopharmaceutical companies, cross-medical health tech enterprises, investors from the Indo-Pacific market, and international accelerators. Also participating are esteemed local partners, including Kaohsiung Medical University and the Kaohsiung Medical University System, as well as Show Chwan Healthcare System. They have all come together for the HealthForAll cross-domain platform launch event - Setting Sail from the Yawan area.

Through this event, the HealthForAll cross-domain platform is set in motion, driving corporate engagement in innovation. With BE playing a pivotal role as an enabling consultant, the platform accelerates exchanges, facilitates knowledge-sharing, and identifies collaborative opportunities among corporate leaders, experts, and startups.

The primary goal is to help craft transformation blueprints for startups and businesses, stimulate novel applications and business model innovations, foster connections with diverse cross-industry partners, and attract venture capital and funding. Additionally, international accelerators provide valuable coaching and resources to nurture the growth of the medical networks of healthcare ecosystem in the Yawan region.