Unleashing Global Potential: Empowering Taiwanese Startups to Succeed on the International Stage

Global Startup Forum

08.25 Fri. 10:00 ~ 16:00

STAGE| Sunrise Stage

Global Startup forum is the highlight of Meet Greater South, with "Globalization" being its most important topic of discussion. In recent years, government, academia, and corporates have been devoted to develop Kaoshiung into an internationally recognized startup ecosystem. Therefore, the forum are inviting well known ventures capitals, incubators, and industry representatives to share insights on current industry and investment envrionment, how to build a international startup hub, the ways of developing and leveraging international connections.
We hope the experience and conversation will inspire more Taiwanese startups to go overseas for development opportunities, enabling startups from Taiwan and startup environment of Kaohsiung a better presence on the global stage.