MI-01︱DoIT's Pavilion

08.09 Wen. 00:00 ~ 00:00

The DoIT's pavilion brings innovation achievement in AI, startups, and other fields together. It exhibits the application achievement of scientific and professional technology and startup teams, which are linked to the industries in southern Taiwan and will create new technological momentum in Taiwan's Greater South. Drones for fish-finding combined with AI technology are displayed on site, which will be used to help pelagic fishery with transformation and upgrade. We sincerely welcome everyone to visit and experience the new technology with us.

Technology Development Program, TDP
Technological innovation is the key strategy in national competitiveness and economic development. The Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) promotes technological R&D and innovation among Taiwan industry, while also integrating the capacities of non-profit research institutions, the industrial sector, and the academic community, encouraging the development of groundbreaking technology projects, together with critical and cross-domain industrial technologies. It also promotes the development of start-ups, and the industrialization and internationalization of R&D results. This drives the development of emerging industries, and industrial upgrading and transformation, while broadening the competitive strengths of Taiwan industry.

DoIT launched the Taiwan Research-Institute Entrepreneur Ecosystem Program (TREE Program) , aiming to forge a startup ecosystem and to facilitate the industrialization of scientific research results generated in Taiwan through systematic and customized venture guidance. TREE Program helps research teams supported by DoIT to establish essential attitude and skills for creating a new venture, to productize and commercialize their research results, and to expedite the growth of such new ventures by presenting them on international stages.

5G AIoT Innovative Technology Application Program for the Asia New Bay Area in Kaohsiung
With 5G and AIoT application services as the development focus, we aim to integrate corporate scientific and technological achievements with manufacturers' product technologies. This will enable us to conduct commercialize POS/POB solutions, driving the high-value transformation and advancement of the Kaohsiung Asian New Bay Area. Our goal is to establish the Kaohsiung Asian Bay Area as a pioneer in next-generation technology applications, and to stimulate the 5G digital transformation of industries in southern Taiwan.

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