LE-02︱TWSE & TCX Pavilion

08.25 Fri. 09:30 ~ 17:00

The Taiwan Stock Exchange (the TWSE) has been in business for more than six decades during which we have been through transformations and concurrently contributing to the national economic development.
The TWSE serves as a high-liquidity market with listed companies of quality and quantity, offering an abundance of product diversity, addressing the considerations of both natural persons and institutions.

On July, 2021, the TWSE has launched the Taiwan Innovation Board (“TIB”). As an innovative main board, TIB is a new platform for startups entering capital market. The TWSE is dedicated to assisting companies with key technologies and innovative capabilities or business models to list on TIB. It’s the best choice for your fundraising, recruiting talent, awareness enhancement, business expansion and prosperity!

To achieve Taiwan’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 and in accordance with the Climate Change Response Act announced in February 2023, Taiwan Stock Exchange and National Development Fund of the Executive Yuan have jointly established the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange (the “TCX”). The TCX officially commenced operations on August 7, 2023.
The TCX locates headquarter in Kaohsiung and operates in both Kaohsiung and Taipei. Our primary business includes domestic carbon trading, international carbon trading, carbon consulting and training. For domestic carbon credit trading, the TCX offers trading platforms for carbon credits generated by Voluntary Emissions Reduction Projects and Offset GHG Emissions Plans. The TCX will establish the platforms in alignment with the policy timeline set by the Ministry of Environment of the Executive Yuan, and is committed to build a fair, efficient, and transparent trading market. Regarding international carbon credit trading, the TCX will collaborate with reputable international organizations to offer carbon consultancy services and high-quality international carbon credits trading support to meet the supply chain decarbonization requirements and to fulfill the companies’ carbon neutrality needs. As for consulting and training, the TCX will partner with professional verification institutions and academic institutions to promote carbon quantifying and reporting, carbon footprint, carbon neutrality, and related certification courses, cultivating talents for Taiwan carbon market.
In the future, the TCX aim to collaborate with strategic partners to foster a green ecosystem, mitigate climate change impacts, assist businesses in achieving carbon-neutral goals, while maintaining a balance with industrial growth and development, and in alignment with national policies.