LE-01︱Kaohsiung Innovation Pavilion

08.09 Wen. 00:00 ~ 00:00

The Kaohsiung City Government has set up the " Kaohsiung Innovation Pavilion" to demonstrate the innovative energy of mentoring companies. Through the " Big lead Small " model, it will assist startup company to cooperate with enterprises and create an innovative smart technology industry ecosystem. Gathers Kaohsiung's outstanding startup companies to jointly exhibit multiple solutions such as smart manufacturing, smart medical care, and technological life. Through the tutoring resources of the Kaohsiung City Government, the goal is to move from innovative R&D trials to commercialize and enter the market. Kaohsiung Innovation Pavilion provides a showcase for startup company, but also provides an excellent opportunity for companies to find partners. Through interaction and communication, they jointly promote the integration of technology, innovation and sustainable development.

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